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Founded in 2006 by David E.K. Hunter Ph.D.

David Hunter has some 30 years of experience running and consulting to human services organizations.  He pioneered the use of performance management methods and developed a unique approach to helping organizations implemement Strategic Performance Management.

Visit the "about us" page of this site for a library of papers and related materials produced by David Hunter to help nonprofits (NGOs) and funders (both private and public) improve their performance.  For information about current and former clients, please refer to the "links" page.


A review of the past few years of work has led to the realization that the nonprofits with which we engage often require a phased continuum of work to become strong, reliable, effective and efficient in their efforts to help the people they serve improve their lives and prospects.  Consequently, Hunter Consulting LLC is increasing its capacity, and as a first step has brought on board Marie Louise Refsgaard as a new partner.  As her CV shows, Marie Louise brings a very strong, results-based, international perpsective to working with nonprofits and government programs.

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Hunter Consulting LLC has, as of now, built out full services in the following areas:

1.  Strategy and Theory of Change capacity-building workshops (our original area of focus).

2.  The selection and design of Performance Management data systems (an area we have developed over the past several years).

3.  Implementing Performance Management systems and practices (we have focused on this over the past year).

4.  Formative evaluation - testing the validity of internal performance management data and the robustness and viability of organizational practices and processes - as a means of assuring that an organization really is delivering what it promises, and as a prelude to formal impact evaluations (a new area).

5.  Executive team coaching in performance management (a new area).

6.  Consultation to funders seeking to become effective social investors (we have been working in this area for several years).

What We Do

Hunter Consulting LLC  works with both nonprofit organizations and funders to improve, strenghten, and introduce accountability into the nonprofit and public sectors.

Our consultation services include:

  • Free Initial Consultations
  • Strategy Review and Refinement
  • Multi-Day Theory of Change Workshops
  • Operations - Review, Improvement and Refinement 
  • Design and Implementation of Performance Management Systems
  • Information on Evidence-Based Programs 
  • Preparation for Formal Impact Evaluations
  • Ongoing Support in Performance Management and Related Areas
  • NEW FOR 2009:  Performance Management Workshops
  • NEW FOR 2009:  Evaluation Services 

Click here to see a list of Current and Former Clients.

tips for funders and nonprofit (NGO) Agencies

Funders (private and public):  Please visit our page for funders to learn about organizations with programs that have been proven effective.

Nonprofit (NGO) agencies:  Please visit our page for nonprofits to learn about what research says about do's and don'ts in social services. 

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319 Hill Street
Hamden, CT 06514

ph: (+1) 203-214-8949
fax: (+1) 203-287-8013