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NEW! We offer assessment tools to drive performance.

After years of pilot testing, we now offer the following web-based tools
that provide immediate Assessment Reports once a series of
straightforward questions are answered.

For Direct service Organizations: The OMSAT Level 1 - $49.95

Organizational Management Capacity Self-Assessment Tool – Level 1 allows you to receive an assessment of your overall capacities to manage outcomes. LEARN MORE


For Direct Service Organizations: The OMSAT Level 2 - $99.95

Organizational Management Capacity Self-Assessment Tool – Level 2. This builds on the Level 1 Report by adding to it a narrative analysis for each of the 30 items. LEARN MORE


For External Analysts: OMET - $99.95

Organizational Management Capacity Assessment Tool for External Analysts. You will receive detailed analysis and ratings of your organization's capacity to manage to outcomes. LEARN MORE


For Direct Service Organizations: The Evaluation Readiness Self-Assessment - $49.95

By answering 9 questions, you receive a numerical score and analysis of your readiness to undertake an external evaluation LEARN MORE


A Practice Built on Decades of Experience.


My name is David Hunter and Hunter Consulting, LLC is the context within which I provide consultation services to the social sector.  I started my professional career as a social scientist and then moved on to front line social services work.  Eventually I was appointed Director of an acute care state psychiatric hospital, which needed a great deal of improvement.  Over the next six years I was able to lead the hospital through a major turn-around and by the end of my tenure it was rated by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations as being in the top 5 percent of all hospitals in the US.

After several more years leading other mental health and substance abuse agencies, I returned to my social science roots when I accepted the position of Director of Assessment and Knowledge Development at the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation and was part of the team that redesigned the Foundation.  This led to its present status as one of the foremost social investing funders in the US.  Among other things, this work required the development of metrics to understand the results of our grantmaking; and more importantly, it entailed developing ways to help our grantees improve their capacities to “manage to outcomes.”  The most effective approach was the use of what became a four day “Theory of Change Workshop” that produces an operational framework for organizations to deliver the results they promise reliably, effectively, sustainably, and efficiently.

This website is intended to be a resource to anybody working in the social sector, by which I mean organizations working to help improve the lives and prospects of those individuals, families and groups who need well designed and well delivered supports and opportunities to thrive and succeed in our society.  This includes direct service organizations, advocacy organizations, intermediaries working to help such organizations improve their management capacities and effectiveness, and funders who invest in such organizations in order

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