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WINGS for kids


This case study shows the key role that having a robust theory of change plays in bringing an organization from the point where it believes it has a good product to where it builds the capacity to codify its program, manage implementation and service delivery to drive outcomes, learns from systematic data collection and analysis, makes further adjustments, starts to communicate about its approach using performance data to ground what it disseminates, attract new funding, commit to external evaluation, and begin to replicate.


WINGS for kids (WINGS), founded in 1996, is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping elementary school kids behave responsibly, form positive relationships, understand themselves, and gain problem solving skills that are recognized as essential elements of a joyful, successful life. It does so by promoting social and emotional learning (SEL) in after-school programs.

Early in 2007 I was approached by Ginny Deerin, the founder and, at the time, the Executive Director of WINGS.  At the suggestion of one of her board members she came up to New Haven to see me, and I treated her to lunch.  After the usual pleasantries we turned to the business at hand.

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