Hunter Consulting helps organizations in the social sector to deliver the results they promise.

Nonprofit Services

Hunter Consulting helps Nonprofit Organizations to:

  • diagnose their organizational competencies and capacities in relation to the ability to deliver social value (outcomes) reliably to their clients
  • help organizations improve their ability to deliver social value (i.e., outcomes) to their customers reliably and sustainably
  • redesign the structure of their organization to support their strategy and promote ongoing performance management
  • clarify whom they serve (target population vs. service poulation) and why
  • clarify, rethink and/or design measurable program participant outcomes and indicators
  • review and refine the elements of their programs, bringing knowledge of evidence based programs or widely accepted “good practices” to bear
  • improve alignment among and coordination of their programs
  • improve their capacity to deliver their programs reliably, sustainably, and at high levels of quality and effectiveness
  • design, build, implement and use state-of-the-art performance management data systems
  • prepare for external program evaluations

The Core Work of Hunter Consulting, LLC

David Hunter’s approach to Strategic Performance Management using Theory of Change Workshops is a carefully designed, intensive, multi-day excercize that promotes  organizations’ development and builds their capacity for high level strategic performance.  Participants include all levels of an organizaton – board of directors, executive leadership, mid-level managment, and front line staff.  They work together to reexamine fundamental assumptions, articulate tacit thinking, surface and resolve conflicting beliefs, and achieve consensus on the organization’s strategic focus, its blueprint for achieving and sustaining measurable success, its performance standards, and  how it will manage performance with accountability.  This results in:

  • a tightly structured, highly aligned organization in which everybody knows how their work contributes to the organization’s strategic success
  • high quality, well managed, and effective program
  • clearly defined outcomes and indicators for  program participants
  • a clear framework for the implementation and use of data gathering and performance management
  • a well designed and implemented performance management syste
  • the ability to deliver, monitor, learn from, and evaluate high quality, effective, and efficient human services