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ROCA, Inc.


Roca was founded in 1988 in order to address teen pregnancy and youth violence in Chelsea. Gradually, Roca increased the scope of its work and broadened the range of young people it served, building new programs as funding became available. By the mid-nineties Roca served the Greater Boston area – a region that includes the communities of Chelsea, Revere, and East Boston. And in 2012 the organization launched its replication strategy, opening a site in Springfield, MA.

Roca decided early on that its focus would be on serving the most disenfranchised and disengaged groups of young people, most of whom live in poor and high-crime neighborhoods. These were youths whom other agencies either could not or would not help.


I first met Molly Baldwin, Roca’s Executive Director, in 2005. Roca had been accepted into the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Youth Development Portfolio. At the time, Roca’s mission was: To promote justice through creating opportunities for young people to lead happy and healthy lives. Associated with this mission, Roca’s goals were to: (1) build relationships with individuals, institutions, and systems, (2) create opportunities for young people that promote and support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development, and (3) practice, live, and promote the values of belonging, generosity, competence, and independence.1

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