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The Center for Employment Opportunities, Inc


(NEW YORK, NY)  This case illustrates how the Center for Employment Opportunities, headquartered in New York City but working in three states and seven legal jurisdictions, moved the concept of accountability from one of compliance with funders’ demands to a fully internalized one that focuses on its reason for existing – and in doing so became a “mission-driven” organization with extraordinary, evaluation-validated impacts on ex-prisoners’ employment and recidivism.


The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) works with prisoners leaving incarceration in seven jurisdictions across three states.  It places them on transitional work crews in order to help them become job-ready, gain permanent employment and avoid recidivism.  This case description is based to a significant degree on an article by Brad Dudding, CEO’s Chief Operating Officer (Dudding and Nielsen 2013; in Bohni Nielsen and Hunter 2013) and on a synopsis about CEO in a book I recently wrote (Hunter 2013).

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