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About Us

Founder and Managing Partner:  David E. K. Hunter, Ph.D. 

Communications Associate:  Lisa K. Hunter, B.A.

David Hunter's practice builds on three decades of experience, in both the Public and the Social Sectors, using performance management systems to improve the quality and effectiveness of social services. 

As the Superintendent (CEO) of a State Psychiatric Hospital in Connecticut, his efforts led to improved hospital safety and lower patient length of stay while attaining measurable, good treatment outcomes.  Subsequently, while working in philanthropy and then in his own consulting practice, he developed and has continued to refine a new approach to working with nonprofit organizations, funders (both private and public), and government programs using Theory of Change Workshops to improve strategic performance management.  

David is the author of numerous articles and has  papers about strategic performance management and how to create, invest in, and sustain social value in complex situations with diverse stakeholders.  A selection of his articles and public presentations are available for download in the Library on this page. 

For additional information, please refer to David's resume.


~Strategic Performance Management Workshops:  A Brochure (a description of David's approach to Theory of Change Workshops and strategic performance management)

~Capacity-Building Theory of Change Workshops (a description of the process that David follows in helping organizations develop and implement  strategic performance mangement systems)

~Yes We Can!  A call for and exploration of performance management in the nonprofit sector 

David Hunter is a member of the Working Group for Effective Social Investing.  As part of this group, he co-authored, with Steve Butz, the White Paper A Guide to Effective Social Investing. The paper identifies an approach to assessing the level of risk that a social investor is taking on when trying to create social value by supporting nonprofit social service agencies.

~Daniel and the Rhinoceros (on the value of performance manage-ment data and the uses and abuses of experimental evaluation methods for nonprofit organizations)

~Active Service Slots (presentation of a useful measure of effective program cpacity in social services)

~Drowning in Data: Performance Managment, a Rock and a Hard Place (a discussion of how lack of a clear theory of change results in a "shotgun" approach to data collection that ultimately benefits nobody and hurts the agencies so engaged)

~Bald Tires and Social Value (an argument in favor of budgeting resources to assess whether one's agency's efforts acually are helping anybody)

~Schematic Table:  From Charity to High Return Social Investing (a bluperint for effective funding)

~A tool to assess how well your organizaton has implemented program performance managment

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319 Hill Street
Hamden, CT 06514

ph: (+1) 203-214-8949
fax: (+1) 203-287-8013