Hunter Consulting helps organizations in the social sector to deliver the results they promise.


A practice built on decades of experience.

Founder and Consultant: David E. K. Hunter, Ph.D. 

My practice builds on three decades of experience, in both the Public and the Social Sectors, using performance management systems to improve the quality and effectiveness of social services. As the Superintendent (CEO) of a State Psychiatric Hospital in Connecticut, my efforts led to improved hospital safety and lower patient length of stay while attaining measurable, good treatment outcomes. Subsequently, while working in philanthropy and then in my own consulting practice, I developed and have continued to refine a new approach to working with nonprofit organizations, funders (both private and public), and government programs using Theory of Change and Performance Management Workshops to improve strategic performance management.

I have written numerous articles and presented papers about strategic performance management and how to create, invest in, and sustain social value in complex situations with diverse stakeholders. A selection of these articles and public presentations are available for download in the RESOURCES section on this page.

This brochure describes the series of elements in my approach to facilitating to theory of change workshops.  Click here for an example of a Theory of Change Report (Blueprint for Success) that a nonprofit will develop through these workshops. It is presented here by permission of Summer Search, a national youth development organization offering a very creative program for inner city youths.